Uncle Wally’s Pine Kist 2017-08-08T12:24:19+01:00

Project Description

When I bought this there was a sticky label on the side which said ‘Uncle Wally’s Nic Naks’. Sometimes you are lucky enough to find pieces which ooze warmth and love, this is one of them. Inside I found newspapers dating from 1935, 1947 and 1953, some old string and an unsharpened Carpenters pencil, I have left them in the kist. The initials AEB are on the top, I don’t know who AEB was, or who Wally was but this has been a well used box. There is some damage to the back (see photo) but it does not affect the hinge working.

This piece has seen a bit of life, the evidence of hard use is decorative and core to its appearance. I could have stripped it, but I would have stripped its history away and then it would just have been a kist like hundreds of others, this is Wally’s kist. I have done very little to this piece except give it a gentle clean.

Measurements – Width 78cms Depth 30cms Height 35.5cms