Is it Summer?

In recent blogs I have been talking about Autumn, then today this was the weather, glorious blue skies after weeks of rain! Has summer arrived? It was warm, the jumpers folk have been wearing were cast aside and tee-shirts made and appearance once more. The garden was a hive of activity, and the garden furniture which was about to be tidied away was again in use as we appreciated this warm, sunny day.

Enjoying the sun was a welcome break from the alternative assigned task of chopping logs to build the stock for winter. Who needs the gym when there is a log load to chop! Hard work but a rewarding task…although also a task which is easy to set aside for another day.

The last of the brambles will have benefited from the warmth so there will be a few more to gather in the coming days. They say in Scotland you can get four seasons in one day, today it was just a mixture of two, summer skies in an autumn landscape.

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