Before and after?

I am quite often asked for the before shots of pieces I am working on, and I have to disappoint people and say I don’t do before and after shots. The reason is to respect the past, and to remember that when the pieces I work on were made they were of their time and reflected the trends and the fashions of the day. Each piece was also someone’s work and people made their living through the items manufacture, I feel these are important things to respect.

There is also a perception that the before item is not as good as the after, and I don’t believe that is the case. Fashions and preferences change, and furniture like everything else in life takes its knocks, we all have our scars, Stoirm is about bringing new life to pieces whilst appreciating their story and not hiding the past.

I feel a bit sad when I see before and after pictures, especially when the pictures are of a home. When they are are of homes we need to remember that that these were places someone lived, possibly raised a family, laughed and cried, a place people were proud of. How many times have we all cringed at our old family photographs, the fashions, the haircuts (Oh! Those 80’s perms!) and whilst we may not choose wear those fashions now, that doesn’t take away how much fun we had at the time, and how fab we thought we looked! I would rather celebrate the attributes of the pieces I work on, than point out the imperfections. So sorry, no before shots! The picture with this blog is just a something to make us think of our history.

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