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We are a brand new business and will gradually build stock. We pay attention to what is trending in interior design, whilst continuing to use the environment for inspiration and maybe set a few trends of our own.

Stoirm was created by chance. My partner and I both had long NHS careers, but we had decided to take early retirement and see what a new chapter in our lives would bring. We moved to a welcoming and vibrant small community in Argyll, within this community there were lots of small business, local people had grasped opportunities and this inspired me. I had been renovating furniture for the house and had really enjoyed doing it. I had always done art and crafts, and like making things and from this the idea for Stoirm was born.

The company name was decided on a wild and stormy night when Storm Barbara had just hit the UK. The spelling is the Gaelic spelling to reflect the heritage of the area.


Different techniques and paints are used to rejuvenate pieces. I use a range of paint types, and brands using what I think will be most complementary to the individual piece. The finishes range from wax, shellac, paint and oils, the finish used will be described in each piece for sale.

When I paint furniture, I do my best to allow the wood grain to still be evident, this allows the paint to be an enhancing feature. On some pieces I will use a combination of paint and leaving the natural wood exposed when I do this I take time to choose a colour which enhances the natural tone and hue of the wood.


At Stoirm I take inspiration from natural materials, textures, wood and metals to give previously used furniture a new lease of life.

The logo reflects the four seasons, with the one solid dot representing snow in winter. It also reflects the four elements of water, fire, earth and air.


Stoirm is based in Argyll, an hour north of Glasgow. The location is spectacular, rich in wild and marine life, with breathtaking scenery round every corner. Forests and woodland cover nearly a third of Argyll and it has a dominant coastal landscape of 3,175 miles of coastline. In this environment you cannot help but be very conscious of your impact on the planet. Stoirm aims to create minimum waste and be environmentally conscious, our goal is to take as little from the planet as possible and to work responsibly.

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